Madi Vogt is ready to bring the groove. As a drummer and music director, she focuses on three aspects. One, the importance of connection between players. Two, finding the nuances in each song by breaking them down to build each song back up and three, preparation. Madi has weaved throughout many different genres through her years playing and has shaped a recognizable sound making any drum kit sing. She is energized by what songwriters have to say and takes part in the songwriting process by cowriting, arranging, and producing other writers. She is addicted to what makes music feel good.

     Madi Vogt was born and raised in San Clemente, California to two music enthusiasts and as a result, caught the music bug. Not long after she received her first drum set at age eight for Christmas did she start her own all-girl band at age eleven. Madi began studying with Award Winning Jazz Drummer Evan Stone and continues to study with him to this day. She spent her adolescent years forming and playing in various bands and has collectively played roughly 400 live shows around LA and Orange County. Madi learned punctuality when she auditioned and was accepted into Orange Country High School of the Arts where she took the train day to and from school every day and learned physical and metaphorical that trains wait for nobody.

    After her time on the train to Orange County of the High School of Arts ended, she hopped on the next train, college. Madi has always been an all or nothing kind of person. She leans in to each and every project and performance. With that being said, Madi applied to only one college, University of Southern California where she was accepted by the esteemed Popular Music Program. During her time at USC, she has studied under drummers Ndugu Chancler and Aaron Serfaty. In addition to her drum teachers, she is honored to have the opportunity to study under top level musicians such as Patrice Rushen, Bernard Purdie, Chris Sampson and Sean Holt. Through the Popular Music Program, Madi had the opportunity to tour the East Coast representing the program with Pop/Folk group, Trousdale. Playing with various artists and bands, Madi found that her need to contribute to the music outside the kit could be put to use as music director. Towards the end of her Junior year at USC, she was picked to serve as music director for the Junior Year showcase and later awarded with a Dean’s Award for her performance.

    In addition to live performances she has performed live on "The Ellen Show" with Troye Sivan, as well as "The Voice", and made TV appearances as a drummer on "Glee", the drummer for Funeral Goose on three episodes of ABC's "Life in Pieces", the drummer on an episode of "Pure Genius", and a drummer with The Glitter Pops on "According to Jim". She has also performed live with such notables as The Bangles, Lanny Cordola, Gilby Clark and John Stamos. Madi is honored to be one of SJC’s featured artists and you can find her along with her mahogany kit around LA playing with a variety of artists. 

    Madi has always had a deep fascination with being in the circus and enjoys cooking, but not cleaning.