The Voice, Noah Mac, "River" 2017 - performing on bass drum, front left riser.

Kia Rio, "The Small Car That Can Do Big Things", Directed by Julian Smith 2017 appearing as Girl in the Pink Dress.

The Ellen Show, Troye Sivan, "Youth", 2016 - performing on middle floor tom. 

Additional TV Appearances and Commercials:

  • Life in Pieces, "Life in Pieces, "Goose, Friends, Auction, Fog" 2018; "Party, Lobster, Gym, Sale" 2016; "College, Stealing, Santa, Caroling" 2015 - drummer for Funeral Goose
  • Pure Genius, "A Bunker Hill Christmas" 2016 - drummer
  • Glee, "Child Star", 2015 - drummer
  • Agent Provacateur, "Mirage", online commercial, directed by Penelope Cruz 2014 - in drum line
  • Subway, "I Got It Made", directed by Neil Abramson, 2012 - prom girl
  • According to Jim, "The Chaperone", directed by Jim Belushi, 2008 - drummer with The Glitter Pops
  • "Raymies Rules" sizzle reel, directed by John Stamos/Rob Meltzer, written by Jeff Franklin, 2008 - as herself in girl band